If you’ve never had a cavity, congratulations! However, if you have had one, don’t worry, you are not alone. About 78{344b5a84bac4acb95b3f37aff7f98721dbde0347b39e8015afd5052c76d1b7e3} of us have at least one cavity by the time we reach 17. Luckily, there’s a time-tested treatment for cavities: dental fillings.

Dental fillings do just what their name implies, they seal a small hole in your tooth, which is typically a cavity caused by tooth decay. This prevents the decay from spreading further into your tooth. This is essential because when left untreated, this decay can continue to spread, causing you to need to undergo root canal treatment or possibly even get the tooth removed. Not only do dental fillings help restore your smile, but they look just like your natural teeth thanks to the fillings being made out of tooth colored materials.

dental fillings

If you need to make your teeth strong and healthy again, it’s time to consider dental fillings. For more information about dental fillings or to request an appointment, contact our experienced and friendly dental team at Brodner Dentistry today.